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More Waifus on the way :)

So i set out to do 12 Waifus... and dammit im gonna finish em. Besides... some cultures celebrate Christmas for like 40 days after. Sooo without further ado...
On the fifth day of Christmas my true fans gave to me…

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    12 Waifus of Christmas

    The 12 Waifus of Christmas is a Pinup Series for my fans, funded by my fans. Its my christmas gif…

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The most prolific ample bottomed mother of all 3D bombastic bootyness. The incredible, monumental  MILF toon herself...Mrs.Incredible! Joined with her, is Mei, whos waifu powers still mystify me. I think its the whole "thicc asian" thing she got goin on, mixed with a velma sorta look. Her snowy white peaks-n-valleys of delicious, round mounds of creaminess definitely keeps me warm. :P


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