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Turkey Girl 3 pgs1-3 NOW UP!

Category: Art

A yearly tradition in the world of powerman, these are time honored tales of justice, valor… AH, who am i kidding!? This is about T&A, expansions, and transformations that are all about goofball fun! In this world of weird science, you never know who will be the next… TURKEY GIRL!

Just go to the turkeygirl gallery, click the link to Turkey Girl 3, and remember that its arranged as it was uploaded, so if you want to read from the beggining, then click "Oldest First" from the gallery drop down menu right below the images.

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Ultra Buns: Demencia (Villainous)

Category: Art

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Holiday Pinup Pack1: Ryuko BE, Rukia, Mayl BE, ect

Category: Art

The first of many Hentai/Ecchi Pinup packs exclusive to my members site, and Patreon Service. This Holiday Pack includes: Ryuko's Ultimate Form with Ultimate Boobage. Rukia as a nude sex pillow...cause why not?! Mayl (yes megaman mayl) with the biggest torpedoes i can fit on screen. Sketch Session featuring Euphemia.

Ways to get content in this pinup pack:

  1. Ryuko Ultimate BE FORM: $5+ Patreon Tier &  OTAKUSQUID-ELITE members. Via Ultra Melons Gallery.
  2. Mayl Ultra Melons BE: $5+ Patreon Tier &  OTAKUSQUID-ELITE members. Via Ultra Melons Gallery.
  3. Rukia nude sex pillow: $5+ Patreon Tier &  OTAKUSQUID-ELITE members. Via Pinup Gallery.
  4. August Sketch Session: OTAKUSQUID-ELITE members ONLY. Sketchbook Gallery.

:star: ALL Pinups featured in this Pack as a single onetime purchase: OTAKUSQUID ALA-CARTE as a $5 Purchase.

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Raven + Freinds Halloween Special Wallpaper

Category: Art

DC's Teen Titans, featuring Raven, were the winners of a recent poll i put out there. The premise was a Halloween Party to remember. The goal has been reached. For $3+ Patrons who participated: I think i have successfully created a neat & sexy wallpaper set for you guys to DL, and enjoy for Halloween. Can you guess all the characters, and those they are cos-playing? More to come, including a hentai pinup. Thanks.


  • 2560 x 1600 which on my screen sorta stretches the image.  But still looks pretty sharp on my 1366 x768 screen.
  • 1366 x 768 custom fit for my screen, but with some major cropping
  • The original image posted here can be used as well, but its not formatted at all to fit screens & look good. The choice is yours.
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Use, reproduction or publication of this work is not permitted unless authorized by me. art© powerman2000

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Voluptuous Furry Pin-Up Pack

Category: Art

A pinup pack full of shapley furry fair-maidens full of fluff....looooots of FLUFF! Plus a sexy human/anthro TF or two. ;)
Included in this pinup session:
You Get Val BE pinups, both parts 1&2 of the featured foxy chick, Val, (owned by my friend Jodocus) getting an instant oomph to her T&A from powermilk!  2 TF transitional pinups; one with BE & shrinking & another with a human to catgirl TF. Finally we have an OS classic comic with Yuffie from FF7 turning into a sexy catgirl.
Otakusquid-ELITE members get these pinups as I finish them. Thank you!

Click this link to gain full access if you are OTAKU SQUID-ELITE ONLY!

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Star!Otakusquid ALA-Carte: Afraid of commitments? Purchase this is a Pinup…

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